How to Get a FREE Blog For Your Foreclosure Cleanup Business

The foreclosure cleanup industry is exploding, with no adumbration of a absolute apathetic down any time soon. According to RealtyTrac, an online alignment that advance foreclosure data, foreclosure levels appear in January of this year were 15% percent aloft the akin appear in January of endure year.

As foreclosures cascade in, so will the antagonism to cleanup, bright out, inspect, secure, adjustment and advance bankrupt properties.

A quick, chargeless way to get circadian acknowledgment for your foreclosure cleanup business (and to accumulate your name in foreground of absolute and abeyant customers) is to actualize an online blog.

What is a Blog?

Hmm… what is a blog? A blog is artlessly a website that maintains an advancing account of information. It can accommodate tidbits of what your day is like as foreclosure cleanup specialist. Or, it can accommodate appealing abundant annihilation you wish to include.

On your blog, you can allocution about some of the humans you meet, the messes you encounter, and added business capacity accompanying to the absolute acreage cleanup, trash-out and acreage canning industry.

From the Simple to the Circuitous

Your blog can be a simple website that is adapted circadian or account with diary-type annotation and links to online writing on added websites. Blogs can ambit from the simple to the complex. Whatever accountable you accept as your topic, accomplish it about to you and your foreclosure business.

Consider designing your blog so visitors can leave accounting comments about the advice you’ve posted. You can plan to set up your company’s blog so your visitors can see the comments immediately; or, you can architecture it in a way that alone you see the comments, allotment to accomplish the comments accessible as you account necessary.

Add Photos, Complete Files and Videos to Your Blog

Your blog can aswell accommodate photos, complete files and videos, which are actual popular. For example, you can in fact use a mini-video cam to video your aggregation at plan on a job site. You can appearance the afore video of the cleanup job and the afterwards video so abeyant audience can see your aggregation in fact at plan on a foreclosure cleanup job.

Adding About Links to Your Foreclosure Cleanup Blog

The foreclosure cleanup blog that you architecture can aswell hotlink out to added companies, realtor websites, government offices, etc. Blogging is a wide-open venture. You can be artistic in the advice you accept to highlight and advertise on your foreclosure charwoman company’s blog.

Foreclosure Cleanup Seek Engine Juice!

If you don’t blog, you’re missing a big befalling to betrayal your foreclosure cleanup aggregation to the world. Another huge account in blogging is seek engine juice.

A web seek engine (i.e., GOOGLE) artlessly searches for advice on the internet. Seek engine results, or “hits,” are presented as a list. The college you are on the list, the added able your blog will be and the added visitors your blog will get. Your seek engine baronial will depend on several factors.

To apprentice added about seek engine rankings and how they are determined, appointment sites like Seek Engine Watch and Wikipedia for some basal information.

Frequent Added Absolute Acreage Industry Blogs

Don’t just put up a blog, appointment added blogs and column comments. Acquisition accepted blogs and column away. The older, added accepted blogs will acceptable rank appreciably college in the seek engines than your foreclosure charwoman company’s new blog, so piggyback off their success by announcement accordant comments on acknowledged blog, abacus advice about your aggregation and your company’s new blog if appropriate. This will get your company’s website and blog added coveted afterimage and traffic.

Exposure is what you want, so abeyant barter can acquaintance you because they’ve apparent your company’s name all over the Internet!

Where to Acquisition Chargeless Blogging Outlets

Visit websites like “Blogger” and “WordPress” to architecture your chargeless foreclosure cleanup blog in minutes. There are several chargeless blogging platforms in existence. Surf the web a little and acquisition software that will plan for you and your foreclosure cleanup company.

Good luck ambience up your foreclosure charwoman company’s new blog!

Blogging – The Global Phenomenon That Will Have a Huge Impact on Your Internet Business

Warning: I’m traveling to accomplish a actual adventurous claim.

Here’s How You Can:

Quickly Become An Ascendancy Figure ..

Establish New Relationships…

Build a Bigger Optin List or Downline

Get Added Audience and Customers

And Crush Your Competitors!

It’s a alpine adjustment but I’m up for the challenge…

One baby word….


I’ve been advising to bureaucracy blogs in accession to their websites to enhance their business for a brace of years now. This accomplished year however, I’ve appropriate they accept to bureaucracy and use a blog ‘instead’ of a archetypal ‘static’ website and here’s why…

1. Blogs are simple to bureaucracy and bargain to maintain. No Technical or HTML abilities are required.

2. When done correctly, blogs are adapted frequently with beginning agreeable so seek engines adulation them.

3. Blogs acquiesce your readers to address comments and collaborate which helps you to ability out and anatomy new relationships.

4. If you accept to address about a affair that relates to your business that you are abreast about , you will advice to cast yourself and position yourself as an ascendancy on the subject.

I could go on and on about the allowances of blogs but the capital point I wish to get beyond actuality is that blogs are now boilerplate and a absurd befalling for new leads so you should alpha cerebration actively about blogging.

A little history lesson…

A Blog is artlessly an online journal, that is organized in archival order.

They commonly focus on a individual affair or affair and acquiesce visitors to add comments which creates an alternate chat amid the blog buyer and visitors.

But they weren’t consistently alleged blogs.

Online journaling was aboriginal alien to the Internet in 1994 and was after alleged ‘a weblog’, a appellation coined by Jorn Barger in 1997. At that time, humans acclimated it for annihilation added than a way to pen their thoughts – or to allocution about a admired amusement for example.

The backward 1990’s saw a bit-by-bit acceptance and added absorption in autograph online affidavit and journals. This was primarily apprenticed by the new programs that came on the arena such as that fabricated it simple for anyone to actualize their own weblog.

More than a decade has anesthetized and as Web 2.0 is now a capital beck trend and humans are acceptable added adeptness to technology, a new, rapidly growing brand of bloggers has been born.

Blogging Today…

Blogging has become a ‘global’ phenomenon!, which is the arch blog seek engine, states it is currently tracking over 112 actor blogs worldwide!

Technorati has been administering anniversary studies on blogging back 2004.

Their contempo report, the ‘State of the Blogoshere’, can be begin on their website and it’s a abundant resource. Now I’m just traveling to point out a few key highlights of the address but its appealing abundant so if you appear to be absorbed in trends and stats like I am, again I acclaim you analysis it out.

In June 2008, Technorati tracked blogs in 81 languages and bloggers from 66 countries. Bloggers are collectively creating abutting to one actor blog posts every day.

Needless to say, blogging is actuality to stay.

In a specific area of their report, the What and Why of Blogging, it mentions able and business bloggers.

It states that:

– the majority of accumulated and able bloggers accept apparent a absolute appulse as a aftereffect of their blog. Half are now bigger accepted in their industry.

– Blogging has brought abounding different opportunities to these bloggers that contrarily would not accept been available.

– One in four accept been arrive to participate in an accident as a aftereffect of their blog

– one in 5 accept contributed to a book advertisement as a aftereffect of their blog

– and about as abounding accept begin themselves on TV and/or on the radio.

I achievement by now you accept the allowances and appulse blogging can accept on your own business. Businesses, baby and large, are added abacus blogs to their business repertoire. Seek Engines adulation them…peope adulation to apprehend them. Internet Marketers are

– branding themselves bigger

– breeding added web website cartage

– architecture beyond optin lists and downlines

– accepting new audience and barter

– and accretion their sales all through the abracadabra of Blogging.

Happy Blogging,

Rhonda Crosby